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LA Suspends Uber’s Permit to Rent Electric Scooters and Bikes



L.A. Suspends Uber’s Permit to Rent Out Electric Scooters, Bikes Over Data-Sharing Policy

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Following months of conflict over a controversial data-sharing policy, Los Angeles has temporarily suspended Uber’s permit to rent electric scooters and bicycles on city streets and sidewalks.

The company’s subsidiary, Jump, must appeal the decision by Friday or leave the city, the Transportation Department told the company in a letter last week. For now, customers can still rent the vivid red scooters and electric bikes through the Jump app.

In response, Uber threatened in a letter to sue the city over the “patently unfair and improper” suspension. The letter also questioned the validity of the “eleventh-hour administrative review process” that the city created last month.

“Every other company that […]

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