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Short Term Rentals

L.A. Hosts Fear Coming Crackdown on Short Term Rentals



L.A. hosts fear crackdown on renting out second homes for short stays

HOLLYWOOD HILLS (Los Angeles Times) — P. J. Lennon outside the Hollywood Hills property he has been making available to guests as a short-term rental. P.J. Lennon had a plan for his retirement: to pay his bills, he would rent out the one-bedroom house that sits alongside his home in the Hollywood Hills.

He fixed it up with Buddha sculptures and artwork and began advertising it online through Airbnb and VRBO. Travelers paid up to $199 a night to sleep in the hideaway with banana trees and a show-stopping view.

He was banking on that money to pay the bills, he said, after a career as an actor, model and photographer. When he dies, Lennon said, “I just want to be carried out of my own home in a pine box.”

But he fears he may not be […]

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