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Kim K’s Pal Jonathan Cheban Legally Changes Name to ‘Foodgod’




Kim K's Pal Jonathan Cheban Legally Changes Name to 'Foodgod'

FLORIDA (TMZ) — Jonathan Cheban — Kim Kardashian‘s longtime friend and frequent guest on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — just turned his Instagram handle into his legal name. Chow down!!!!

JC filed legal docs in Florida — his primary residence, it seems — asking a judge to sign off on the name change from Jonathan Cheban to ……………….. wait for it …

…. just a little bit more

……….. FOODGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s actually just Foodgod, but you get the idea. And yes, there’s no capital G in the name, and the words aren’t split up either as some media outlets have stylized it in the past. Sorry about that, holy folks and grammar nerds. Unfortunately for you, the Foodgod has spoken.

TMZ got a hold of the official judgment that was entered last week. It ain’t all that fancy — a name change isn’t complicated. But, for Jonathan Foodgod, it carries significant weight.

If you don’t know, FG’s been all about the eats for a while now — being a bonafide foodie is kinda his thing, and he proudly showcases it all over his social media pages. Literally, it seems like just about every post is related to good grub … he even sleeps with food.

And, of course, Jon’s been rockin’ the @foodgod handle for a minute too. But, if you check out his IG today … you’ll see he’s got the registered trademark symbol next to it.

Next stop … the DMV!!!

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