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Kim Kardashian Stirs Paparazzi Pot at Lindsay’s



As Weho Daily first reported last night (before they had even arrived), the Sheriff was once again called to Lindsay Lohan’s West Hollywood apartment at about 10:45pm. The paparazzi seemed to be in a frenzy, like sharks in blood infested waters. And when you have sharks, you have to respond with something equally vicious. As such, the Sheriff called in West Hollywood Parking Enforcement.

Now we learn that the blood in the water was none other than Kim Kardashian. Below is a video of the frenzy from HollywoodTV.  Looks like she got got in the parking enforcement crossfire too, driving off with what appears to be a ticket on her windshield.

Note to anyone planning to visit Lindsay before she goes into the clink: it might be worth trying to call the Sheriff’s non-emergency number in advance before you stop by when there is a paparazzi camp outside.  They might appreciate the heads up, and could possibly help you get in and out a little more easily.

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