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Kevin Hart’s First Interview Post-Crash, Drives Away in Muscle Car




LOS ANGELES (TMZ) — Kevin Hart must enjoy living dangerously, ’cause he’s already getting into another muscle car similar to the one that nearly killed him … seemingly without a safety harness, at that.

The comedian was out at a shopping plaza Saturday in Calabasas with a friend, where it looks like he was sent out to make a food run. He ran into a pap on the way out — walking on his own two feet, no less, and looking pretty solid — and gave the guy a health update.

Kevin says he’s grateful to be alive, and that he’ll be getting back to work slow and steady … seems he’s in no rush to get on the grind again, enjoying time with his fam.

Then comes a pretty eyebrow raising moment … Kevin walks to his car — a 1969 Camaro, he tells the photog — and gets in the driver’s seat … and then pulls away like it’s nothing.

Even more troubling … it doesn’t clearly look like he pulls a shoulder harness over himself, at least from the angle we’re seeing here — which is a straight-on shot through the windshield. We looked into it, and shoulder belts were a rarity in the ’69 model. Lap belts were there, but not all these old cars had the newly-enforced safety harness all cars have today.

Obviously, this is a big deal for a couple different reasons. The fact that Kevin’s driving at all should be a little worrying, but driving another souped-up oldie like this might as well be a death wish, considering what he just went through about a month ago with the crash.

Remember, Kevin’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda also didn’t have safety harnesses. Had they been there … we’re told it could’ve helped alleviate the injuries Kevin and co. endured.

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