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Kanye West Plays Narrator for Opera Nebuchadnezzar at Hollywood Bowl



HOLLYWOOD (TMZ) — Kanye West‘s opera, Nebuchadnezzar, took place at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday — and TMZ’s take … it was pretty epic.

But the opera wrapped, and Kanye’s audience never got a glimpse of the man himself. Instead, he played narrator for the show from behind the scenes. As you can see, the visuals were stunning, with most attention on Kanye’s choir. We’re told Brad Pitt was among the celebs in attendance.

Ye’s had his Sunday Service choir collective gathered at the Bowl, as well as singer Peter Collins and the music group Infinity’s Song on hand … who are expected to be part of the performance. Longtime collaborator Vanessa Beecroft is directing the opera.

Early footage we got a hold of shows Kanye bringing the dialogue … and it’s a totally full house.

This, of course, comes after Kanye and his choir put on a stupendous performance last week at Joel Osteen‘s megachurch in Houston. That show went on for 2 plus hours, but there was never a dull moment. It also brought in a record number of viewers across the board.

Ye’s opera is based on a biblical story of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel. He’s often remembered as the destroyer of Solomon’s temple, who went on to hold Jews captive in the city after taking Jerusalem by siege.

Hefty stuff … so it should make for some good operatic theater.

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