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Kamala Harris Show up at Weho Gay Bar Ahead of LGBT+ Town Hall



WEST HOLLYWOOD (KABC) — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris made an appearance at the iconic gay bar The Abbey in West Hollywood Wednesday night ahead of CNN’s upcoming town hall focused on LGBTQ issues.

“I know she’s going to make a change. We need a female in office, a female of color. It’s time,” said Vincent David, an avid supporter.

Her supporters are backing her all the way – but even in her home state of California, Senator Harris has been struggling in the polls.

A recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California of likely voters showed her support in the state has tumbled from 19% to just 8%. Voters say they want to see what she will do for the LGBTQ community.

“We see what the current administration has done. They’ve made all these promises, so what is the strategy of not just Kamala Harris, but all the other candidates as well,” Luckie Alexander said.

Bernie Sanders will not appear after suffering a heart attack last week.

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