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Joaquin Phoenix Hits WeHo Paramedics’ Truck with Tesla




Joaquin Phoenix Hits Paramedics' Truck with Tesla

WEST HOLLYWOOD (TMZ) — The Joker is actually a good guy — at least in real life — because when Joaquin Phoenix hit a fire department vehicle, he tracked down the paramedics to confess.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Joaquin was making a right turn out of a parking lot in West Hollywood Tuesday afternoon when his Tesla scraped the bumper of an unoccupied L.A. County Fire Dept. truck.

We’re told Joaquin parked and found the paramedics, who were on a call, and explained what happened — he simply misjudged it and didn’t make a wide enough turn. Police were called, everyone exchanged insurance info and a damage report was also taken because L.A. County property was damaged.

Folks who were there tell us Joaquin’s Tesla got the worst of the accident, with damage to the right front quarter panel. We’re told the paramedics’ truck only had a minor scratch on the bumper.

Law enforcement sources say Joaquin was cordial and easy to deal with, and ultimately he was NOT ticketed.

Stand down, Bruce Wayne … no need for the Bat-Signal this time.

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