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Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon on How ‘The Morning Show’ Changed After #MeToo



Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon on How 'The Morning Show' Changed After #MeToo Happened

WEST HOLLYWOOD (SheKnows) — The Morning Show set out to capture the zeitgeist of the #MeToo moment, which is a tall order. “It’s about this moment when a whole construct explodes,” Witherspoon said. “It starts so dismantle slowly over the 10 episodes and then it culminates in a gigantic seismic shift In the corporate culture of this one network — which is extraordinary and reflects what’s happening in the real world.”

“Once #MeToo happened, obviously the conversation drastically changed,” Aniston said at an October 13 press junket for the show in West Hollywood, California. “We all sat and thought about what the tone would be. We wanted it to be raw and honest, and vulnerable and messy, and not black and white.”

Witherspoon, dressed to channel an anchorwoman in a pink pantsuit and statement-making dark-framed glasses, added, “As we were all stumbling along trying to figure […]

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