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Harrassment Verdict Overturned in Favor of Bev Hills PD Chief, City



BEVERLY HILLS– A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has overturned a jury verdict which awarded damages to former Beverly Hills Police Lieutenant Shan Davis.

During a trial last summer, Davis and three other plaintiffs alleged discrimination, retaliation and harassment by Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli.  Davis was individually awarded $250,000 by the jury. 

This week, The Honorable Elizabeth R. Feffer ruled there was no evidence to support the verdict and therefore overruled the jury’s decision.

In the ruling, Judge Feffer concluded Davis did not prevail, will not be awarded any damages and “a new judgment is entered in favor of the City of Beverly Hills.” 

“This rarely granted motion is certainly a victory for the City and the Chief,” said City Attorney Laurence Wiener.  “Although the jury found there was no discrimination as to each of the plaintiffs, they still concluded there was harassment based on several alleged comments the Chief made in 2016. The City disagreed with the jury’s finding these alleged statements rose to the level of harassment, particularly as concerned plaintiff Davis. Obviously, the judge agreed.”

The City also brought a similar motion against plaintiff Donna Norris which was not granted by the court.

“The City remains committed to a Beverly Hills Police Department that upholds the highest ideals of fairness, dignity, and equality,” added Wiener. “This win sends an important message as the department continues to move forward with great success.”

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