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Getting High and Eating Nachos at America’s First Cannabis Cafe



What it's like to get high and eat nachos at America's first cannabis cafe

By MORGAN SUNG for Mashable

WEST HOLLYWOOD –Aesthetically speaking, Lowell Cafe is like any other West Hollywood restaurant: the nachos are vegan, the outdoor patio is lined with live plant walls, and the dappled sunlight sets customers up for a perfect boomerang of them ripping a bong.

Stylized as Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe but also referred to as Lowell Cafe, the restaurant is the first of its kind in the United States. Part dispensary and part eatery, guests choose from an extensive menu of pre-rolled joints, ounces of flower, vape pods, and dabs.

Customers can also snack on a variety of dishes designed to compliment the inevitable munchies. It’s almost like visiting a gastropub, but instead of splitting fries and sipping whatever beer’s on tap, you can smoke whatever flower is in season.

“You’re entering the world of post-cannabis prohibition,” the press release for the […]

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