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Gay Police Officer Suing Dept. for Accusations of Pedophilia



Gay police officer was accused of pedophilia for coming out to teens. Now he’s suing.

LOUOISVILLE, KY (LGBTQNation ) — John Burgraff — a gay officer with the Louisville, Kentucky Metro Police Department (LMPD) — is suing the city and the police department for anti-gay discrimination after his commanding officers effectively accused him of pedophilia when he came out to teens in police department youth program.

He claims he was also passed over for a promotion as a result.

In December 2017, Burgaff mentioned that he was gay to 14- to 18-year-olds in the department’s Youth Police Advisory Committee because he was the LMPD’s LGBTQ Liaison Officer.

Afterwards, Burgaff’s commanding officer Lt. Phil Russell instructed Sgt. Corey Robinson to tell Burgraff “his remarks were not appropriate for a […]

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