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Fire Dept, Crane Can’t Get Cat From 90ft Tree, Then It Jumped



This Pico Rivera cat was stuck in a 90-foot palm tree for nearly two weeks … then he fell

PICO RIVERA (Whittier Daily News) — Life surrounded by palm fronds isn’t all its cracked up to be. Not when you’ve spent almost two weeks living in a Pico Rivera tree, nearly 100-feet in the air, and a guy in a crane — whom you’ve never met — is trying to pull you into God-knows-where.

Maybe you’d do the same thing as Mikey, the 1-year-old tabby cat: Maybe you’d decide to take matters into your own hands, er, claws, and jump.

“Just goes to show you, what goes up doesn’t have to come down,” Mikey’s owner, Dolores Lopez, said, who like her cat, is unfazed by the experience.

At least not right away.

Lopez said the indoor cat escaped from his plush living room digs on Wednesday morning, Sept. 25, almost two weeks ago .

He does that sometimes, Lopez said, but this time, she couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s when she heard his meows coming from the 90-foot tall palm […]

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