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Fatburger Debuts Craig’s Vegan Milkshake (yes, from THAT Craig’s)



WEST HOLLYWOOD — Fatburger is now teaming up with Craig’s Vegan to sell frozen treats made popular at the West Hollywood hotspot Craig’s restaurant.

The new menu addition at Fatburger is a vegan milkshake, made with hand-scooped Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream. The new milkshakes topped with non-dairy whipped cream. It debuted at 12 Fatburger locations in Southern California on October 14th.

The website for Craig’s Vegan provides this history of the frozen dessert:

Yes, we’re from LA. But we never set out to make vegan frozen treats for the wellness crowd. We just set out to make rich, creamy, decadent desserts that just happen to be vegan and that just happens to be good for you. In fact, nothing makes us happier than when our non-vegan friends fall head over spoon for our tubs. We first began making Craig’s Vegan after the clientele at our LA restaurant began asking for a non-dairy dessert. Soon the requests for our scoops to-go came pouring in and the pints began flying out the door.  Now Craig’s Vegan can be found in the freezers of family kitchens, A-List celebrities, wellness gurus and basically anyone who loves delicious desserts that just happens to be vegan.

Fatburger’s vegan milkshakes will be available in two flavors, vanilla and strawberry, and they are available now in West Hollywood, among other locations. This latest menu addition expands on Fatburger ’s current vegan menu offerings, such as the Impossible Burger patty, for customers of all dietary preferences.

Hollywood’s iconic Fatburger is best known for burgers to order made famous by founder Lovie Yancey more than 70 years ago.

Company CEO Andy Wiederhorn said, “Our existing vegan items have performed incredibly well with not only vegans, but existing Fatburger customers who are looking to try something new. We have no doubt our new Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream milkshake will follow the same trajectory. “

Wiederhorn added, “Like Fatburger, Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream is a Los Angeles institution. We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with such a like-minded, local brand.”

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