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‘Dogs and Dykes’ Opens at Junior High Gallery in Hollywood



Dogs and Dykes Opens this Weekend at Junior High Gallery in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (The LA Beat) — Ali Liebegott is a poet, novelist, television writer, and comedian. Alongside these pursuits, she has always been painting. This Saturday, she will show her paintings in Los Angeles for the first time in a two-person show with Nicole J. Georges, called DOGS and DYKES. (7-10pm at Junior High Gallery in Hollywood). As Liebegott leads me into the studio in her home, she issues a warning that we are not alone but in the company of a very shy cat, Swanson, who will never be seen. Within her paintings, Liebegott constantly draws attention to invisible forces at play; God, capitalism, mortality, survival, anxiety, and unseen cats. Her work exposes the heartbreaking absurdity of postmodern life held together by sincere and simple pleasures. […]

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