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Delta Airlines Blasted for Straight-Washing the Movie “Rocketman”




Delta blasted for straight-washing “Rocketman”

(Los Angles Blade) — “Rocketman,” the acclaimed musical biopic about Elton John, is making headlines again this week as Delta Air Lines defends itself against accusations of showing straight-washed, edited versions of its inflight movies.

The new controversy began on Tuesday, when an outcry sprang up on social media after Entertainment Weekly’s digital director Shana Naomi Krochma went on Twitter to scold the airline for removing most of the film’s gay content.

“On @Delta today [I] discovered that #Rocketman is stripped of almost every gay reference or scene that [Elton John] fought to keep in the film’s mainstream release, including a simple chaste kiss,” Krochna tweeted.

She followed up with a second tweet which questioned the airline’s decision to edit out […]

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