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dapperQ Interview: Humankind Swim



Interview: Humankind Swim

by Anita Dolce Vita for dapperQ

WEST HOLLYWOOD (dapperQ) — Over the last decade of writing for dapperQ, I have been thrilled to see new brands emerging (and thriving) that are designing clothing specifically geared to address the unique fit needs of diverse queer communities.

Suits. Button downs/button ups. Casual pants. Underwear. But, few have dared to enter the choppy waters of swimwear. Enter Humankind Swim, a new swimwear company on the queer style scene that was developed to offer less gendered options so that people do not have to sacrifice so much of their personal style when shopping for the perfect suit.

I chatted with a Haily Marzullo, a 25-year-old queer woman based out of West Hollywood, who is the CEO and visionary behind the androgynous swimwear brand.

dapperQ: Tell us a bit about yourself and the Humankind brand.

Haily: As a lesbian, I have always struggled to find clothing that made me feel comfortable and confident. I looked for brands that provided good fits and simple designs. When I couldn’t find it, I created it. The mission of Humankind Swim is to provide the LGBTQ+ community the ability to “wear what suits you.” Giving customers a way to shop […]

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