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Curbside Car-Charging and More Comes to West Hollywood



Curbside Car-Charging and More Comes to West Hollywood

WEST HOLLYWOOD (GovTech) — Car-charging may be headed to the curb.

The small city of West Hollywood, Calif., which is located in the Los Angeles metro area, has installed two multi-purpose devices that combine car-charging, Wi-Fi hubs, environmental sensors, streetlights and more into one “Smart Node.”

“The city is piloting these two nodes for a year to evaluate the technology and determine whether it makes sense to introduce them in other parts of the city,” said Francisco Contreras, acting economic development director for West Hollywood. Contreras has also served as the city’s innovation manager.

The nodes can accommodate small-cell wireless technology, making them ideal for the future rollout of emerging 5G tech. The nodes are provided by the company ENE-HUB, which funds and installs the devices, generating revenue from features provided by poles.

“Customers, including cities and other entities, partner with ENE-HUB to enable features and services that allow revenue to be generated from the infrastructure,” Contreras explained. “Customers sign up to subscription services for the features they would like, and can add, change or delete features in the future as technology evolves.”

A signature feature is the ability to connect an electric car to the charger while parked […]

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