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Cops Grab Alleged ‘Penis Man’ Graffiti Artist in Arizona



Cops Grab Alleged 'Penis Man' Graffiti Artist in Arizona

PHOENIX (TMZ) — The graffiti artist dubbed “Penis Man” could be facing hard time after a SWAT team took him down in Phoenix … potentially ending a looooong string of vandalism. Yes, crime size matters.

Cops in Tempe, AZ say 38-year-old Dustin Shomer is behind the “Penis Man” spree — the words have been tagged all over Arizona State dorms, local businesses, municipal buildings and even the famous “A” landmark above the campus … dating back to November.

Shomer was arrested last weekend, and charged with 16 counts of aggravated criminal damage, 8 counts of criminal damage and 1 count of criminal trespass in the first degree.

The suspect says he was taken in a pretty ballsy raid — 25 heavily armed SWAT officers swarming his apartment complex before arresting him at gunpoint.

However, the alleged “Penis Man” says he’s getting the shaft … because he claims he’s just a copycat, and the REAL “Penis Man” is still at large.

He told the Phoenix New Times, “I’m not the original. There are hundreds of copycats with very distinctively different handwriting.”

Translation: Cops grabbed the wrong penis, man.

If we had a nickel!!!

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Strange News

BYU Athlete Pierces Scrotum in Horrific Track Accident!



(TMZ) — WORST POLE VAULTING INJURY EVER?!!?! Maybe … “I could see right into my scrotum.”

That’s probably the last thing you wanna say after a pole vault training sesh … but it’s exactly how BYU athlete, Zach McWhorter, is describing his pole vs. balls injury.

The 21-year-old was having a pretty typical training session at the BYU track — recording it to post on TikTok — when disaster struck.At first, it seemed like a standard jump … but McWhorter’s pole didn’t fall the way it supposed to and essentially impaled his scrotum.


That one time the pole went through my nuts… 18 stitches! #fail #polevault #athletics #trackandfield #ouch

♬ Mask Off – 抖音小助手

YOWWWCH. McWhorter told BuzzFeed he was immediately rushed to the hospital by his dad/coach/urologist … where he needed 18 STITCHES to get patched up. Luckily, the dude says he only has a scar from the incident.

As for any permanent damage, McWhorter says “One day, we’ll find out if they function or not.”

Ice up, Zach. And, maybe wear a cup from now on??

Tune in to TMZ on TV weekdays Monday through Friday (check syndicated/local listings)

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Strange News

VIDEO: Guitarist Jumps Onto Counter at Studio City Ralphs, Rocks Out for Confused Customers



Photo from video by Lisa Marie Costabile (Facebook)

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Some musical mayhem unfolded Saturday night at a Studio City Ralphs, where a shirtless man jumped onto a checkout counter and started jamming.

Cell phone video captured the man – who was wearing a red bandana, glasses and camouflage pants – as he knelt on top of the counter while music blasted throughout the store, located at 10901 Ventura Blvd.

Confused customers were seen staring and laughing as the man fought the power with his electric guitar while a store employee attempted to stop him.

Security guards eventually pulled the plug on the mini rock concert. Facebook video of the performance after the music was cut showed the man asking the crowd, “Are you not entertained?” – a nod to the […]

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Groups & Clubs

Don’t Laugh: BYOB ‘Tickle Party’ at Sanctuary Studios – Feb 19



LOS ANGELES –If the cellophane-wrapped commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day is getting under your skin, perhaps something a bit more titillating is up your weird little alley (no judgement from us here at WHD). Hollywood Laughter Ent. offers a monthly Tickle Party at the Sanctuary Studios in Lennox – and yeah, they have couples pricing!

You may have heard of “tickle parties” before, perhaps in the context of a military controversy, or maybe you’ve seen a documentary about “tickle videos”- heck- maybe you’re a tickle flick aficionado. Here’s a chance to see for yourself what the world of tickle kink is all about.

In between the laughing tickle sessions, attendees can grab their favorite cocktail at the communal BYOB bar. No alcohol will be sold but snacks are available.

For $20 per ten minutes, guests can laugh out loud with models. Mini sessions go for $5.

Sanctuary Studios
10914 South La Cienega Boulevard
Lennox, CA 90304

Entry to the event is $60 at the door, or you can order now and save.

Free parking in the small lot on the side of the building, otherwise street parking.

For tickets, visit Eventbrite.

The event is sponsored by Hollywood Laughter Ent. (IG & Twitter). If you have a account, you can learn more about the event thru:

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