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City of LA Ban Lapses on Sleeping in Vehicles



The City of Los Angeles law against sleeping in cars on residential streets has expired and LAPD officers have been told to hold off on writing tickets for sleeping in cars until a new ordinance is approved by the Los Angeles City Council. But the Council is in the middle of a summer recess until the end of July.

The ban on sleeping in cars went into effect in 2017 and was set to expire in July 2018. But it has been has been incrementally extended since then. The most recent extension, approved in December, was slated to come to an end on July 1st.

The law only applies to residential streets, but more and more non-residential streets have been marked off-limits for those living in their cars and RVs—a group estimated to include more than 16,500 people in the most recent homeless count.

The city’s law has drawn fire from homeless advocates who say the monetary fines attached to citations make it even harder Angelenos who are already struggling financially to climb out of homelessness.

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