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Charlize Theron Ribs David Oyelowo with Anal Bleaching Tale



BEVELRY HILLS (TMZ) — David Oyelowo says Charlize Theron‘s not shy about using colorful language, and if ya don’t believe him … check out this video. She proves his point, and then some.

The actors — who costarred in the movie “Gringo” — were participating in a Q&A this week at a Bev Hills charity gala for The GEANCO Foundation. When Oyelowo was asked about his first encounter with Theron, the crowd got a jaw-dropping tale … about anuses.

He warned the audience it probably wasn’t appropriate — especially with his family in attendance — but Charlize had no qualms … and dropped a crack about bleaching your crack.

It’s hard to tell if her account of the anal bleaching conversation — or lesson, as she puts it — is 100 percent true or if she’s just busting David’s balls, but the audience ate it up.

The laughs continued when the host asked David a very fitting follow-up question, then David’s young daughter topped it off by asking for some more clarification … from dad.

Anal, sorry … ALL humor aside, the event also raised money for a very good cause. The organization helps African women and children in need.

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