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Cape-up for Cosplay Day at the Petersen Auto Museum




Cape-up for Cosplay Day at the Petersen Automotive Museum

MIRACLE MILE (NBC LA) — Wear your favorite “Back to the Future” or “Batman” fashion, then drive your DeLorean or Batmobile to the Miracle Mile car museum on Saturday, Aug. 10. Is there a connection between your car and your cosplay look, the outfit you wore to Comic-Con International or WonderCon or another pop culture convention?

Probably, for the most part, no.

For while cars are often required to transport people to places where cosplay events are happening, and they need to be roomy enough to hold the more elaborate costume creations, cars and cosplay rarely find a middle ground of imagination and creativity.

But that is changing on Saturday, Aug. 10 when the Petersen Automotive Museum holds a Cosplay Day in celebration of its “Hollywood Dream Machines” exhibition, which is going on now through the middle of March 2020.

The subtitle of the show […]

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