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CA Senate Bills You Need to Know About




California State Senate Chamber (David Monniaux/Wikimedia Commons)

SACRAMENTO (The Pride LA) — Although the current political administration has made serious efforts to rollback protections and rights for the LGBTQ+ community, it seems as though California’s state government does a great deal to protect the community.

Take Governor Gavin Newsom, for example. Newsom was advocating for same-sex marriage rights long before it was popular for Democratic candidates to do so. Most recently, Newsom has appointed an array of LGBTQ+ people to administration positions, according to The Sacramento Bee.

That’s where advocacy groups like The Human Rights Campaign and Equality California come into play. Currently these groups have their sights on three little-known pro-equality bills: SB 201, SB 159 and SB 233. Not sure what those bills are meant for?

The Pride L.A . is here to help. SB 201: Safeguarding intersex youth Senate Bill 201 seeks to protect the bodily autonomy of intersex people who are […]

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