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Buttigieg Attacks LGBTQ Media for Asking if He’s ‘Gay Enough’




Pete Buttigieg attacks LGBTQ media after mainstream media keeps asking if he’s ‘gay enough’

(LGBTQ Nation) — South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg attacked LGBTQ media yesterday, saying that he can’t read LGBTQ media because of the constant criticisms of his sexuality.

He was talking to Clay Cane on The Clay Cane Show on the SiriusXM Urban View channel.

Cane, who is gay, asked: “I’m sure you’ve heard this before in LGBT circles that more masculine-presenting men have more access. How different would it be if you were quote-unquote, ‘more effeminate?’”

Buttigieg sounded peeved: “It’s tough for me to know. I just am what I am, and, you know, there’s going to be a lot of that. That’s why I — I can’t even read the LGBT media anymore, because it’s all, ‘He’s too gay, not gay enough, wrong kind of gay.’”“All I know is that life became a lot […]

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