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Banned from Chateau Marmont for a Tweet about Celebrity




Weho Daily reader Jenn Hoffman reports that she was banned from Chateau Marmont for a year… all because she sent out a tweet about what was going on around her on a recent visit.

Apparently she observed Rachel Hunter acting erratically, doing splits and kicks in the middle of the restaurant.   As someone who is very active on social media, she of course turned to Twitter to recount the odd things happening.

Fast forward a few days later… when she attempted to make a reservation, she was informed that wouldn’t be possible. She pressed the matter and eventually found out that she was banned from the famed property for a year because of the Rachel Hunter Tweet.

“This pisses me off because Chateau admittedly has NO social media policy in place,” said Hoffman. “None whatsoever.”

So where does a social media butterfly turn to express frustrations about such things? YouTube, of course! She made a video, uploaded to YouTube, embedded the video on her blog, then sent the link out to Twitter and other social media networks. (You can watch the video below.)

“While I have my own personal feelings about this, it also brings up a larger discussion about businesses and their social media policy, said Hoffman. “Normally we are used to hearing about Twitter or Facebook related regulations for employees of businesses – but what about the patrons?”

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  1. Devon

    April 19, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Uh, it’s pretty clear to me that the Chateau has a no social media policy. If you can’t take pictures, you can’t tweet. What happens at the Chateau, stays at the Chateau. That’s always been the policy.

  2. meredith

    April 19, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    I’m with Devon on this. What happens at the Chateau, stays at the Chateau.

    It’s a safe haven and that is why it’s remained a hot spot for decades. It’s not because of it opulence, quite frankly it’s old and a bit musty. However, having a place to go where half the people are just as famous if not more than than the next makes it a comfortable place to be for famous folk. People don’t stare, ask for autographs, take pictures, or simply care. That’s why they go there. Going there you just understand that “what happens at the Chateau STAYS at the Chateau.”

  3. Ree

    May 16, 2011 at 1:26 AM

    If ppl didnt believe everythjng they read on twitter this wouldnt be a problem lol i vote 4 tweeting that a celeb is at chateau when that is not the case, just to throw off the accuracy rate of such a statement

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