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Back-Seat Confidential: Ride Hailing Changes Social Lives of Millennials



Back-seat confidential: How ride hailing is changing the social lives of L.A.'s millennials

LOS ANGELES (LA Times) — A few weeks ago, Sam Lim, the co founder of Hipdot, a vegan makeup line, ordered an UberPool to get from her home in West Hollywood to a meeting in Venice.

She found herself sharing the ride with not one but two companions. “It was crazy,” she recalled. “I was in the car with two other women plus the driver.

We slowly started talking to each other, then as we started to open up, we realized each of us had a recent breakup story.” “Front-seat girl,” as Lim, 34, called her, had broken up with her boyfriend, who had planned a business trip on their anniversary. “Back-seat girl” had caught her boyfriend cheating via a mutual friend’s Instagram.

“Then the driver chimed in,” said Lim. “Her ‘baby daddy’ was […]

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