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Baby Cow Found on Side of Weho Apartment Building




Originally posted July 26 at 2:40pm

Weho News says that a young baby calf, no more than two weeks old, was reportedly found on the side of an apartment building in West Hollywood.

But the report from Weho News does not list where or when the animal was found, which seemed a little strange (especially for a site that loves to criticize our reporting), so we have been trying to get more info from the rescue organization or witness accounts from our readers. (Please let us know if you recently had cow in your neighborhood!)

Cowboy, the calf found in West Hollywood, in a photo from the rescue organization Animal Acres.

Although it certainly sounds like it could be in the realm of possibility for our eccentric little city, so far we’ve been unable to confirm the report with the organization, nor have we found any witnesses who know anything about it.

So far, we do know that it wasn’t found anytime in the last few weeks in West Hollywood, based on reports of the animal on site at the organization’s compound. The reports do mention the story of Cowboy being found in West Hollywood.

UPDATE: We heard back from the rescue organization on August 3 and they said, “He was found in an alley, I believe near Edinburgh & Santa Monica Blvd about months ago. He was caged by shopping carts.  He had a bowl of water but calves can’t drink from bowls, they don’t know how, they have to suckle, so he was malnourished & dehydrated.”

Apparently the rescue organization came into possession of a cow they named Cowboy sometime before July 4, when a visitor to the compound recounted seeing him there in this blog post over the holiday weekend.

The organization posted on Twitter around July 14 that “Cowboy gained 6 pounds this week! His biggest gain yet!”

Animal Acres co-founder Lorri Houston is quoted by Weho News as saying that they got to the calf in the nick of time, finding the animal dehydrated and standing “in a narrow concrete walkway blocked in by shopping carts, with one of the carts separating him from a large dog.”

It is unclear what the calf was doing there.  “Perhaps he was going to be used for dog fighting bait, a backyard barbeque, or a similar horrific fate,” she said. “We only know he needed immediate rescue, protection, and love.”

Apparently this is a video of the calf, via the blog of PETA

You can make a donation on their website at or by mailing a check to Animal Acres at 5200 Escondido Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510

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  1. Kali

    July 26, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    I think you misspelled ‘bate’ its BAIT.

  2. Melanie

    July 30, 2010 at 1:41 AM

    It’s nice to hear such a happy ending for a news story!

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