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Armed Robbery at Radio Shack Store on La Brea




An armed robbery was reported at about 9PM tonight from the Radio Shack store on La Brea near Santa Monica Blvd.

The suspects were described as four black males, about 18 to 24 years old and of average height.  One was wearing white shirt and red cap, and another was dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans.  The other suspects were said to be about 5’8″ height but no further details were available.  They fled on foot.

Both the store and the employees were robbed.

Deputies called a helicopter in to check the area around the store, which is located at 1128 N La Brea in the City of West Hollywood.   A search via air and ground was underway at the time of this report.

Potential suspects were located in a white SUV nearby and deputies were preparing to do a field identification to see if the victim or witnesses could identify them.  Based on later news reports stating that the Sheriff is seeking suspects and information about the incident, it appears that the individuals in the vehicle were dismissed as suspects.

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