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Influencer Claims She is Being Evicted Because Lisa Frank Flat Copied Her Design



An Influencer Claims She Is Being Evicted Because the Lisa Frank Flat Copied Her Apartment Design

LOS ANGELES (Jezebel) — Last week, the Internet surfaced a cheaply constructed rainbow apartment-for-rent in Downtown Los Angeles: an ode to Trapper Keeper empress Lisa Frank, designed as an advertisement for Naturally, its novelty made the SponCon go viral, and the space, available only for stays October 11-27, was booked out immediately.

But after being inundated with tagged posts, Instagram design influencer Amina Mucciolo noticed something strange about the promotion. Mucciolo is the brain behind her own rainbow explosion apartment, and many of the design elements in the space, she believes, mimic her own rental.

(It does not help that the spaces share a kindred layout.)

In a 27-minute long YouTube video, Mucciolo details the similarities between the two apartments, and chronicles a series of events that she believes has lead […]

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