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Amazon Reportedly Signing Retail Leases Through LA



Amazon Is Reportedly Signing Leases on Retail Space Through the L.A. Area

by Ian Spiegelman

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Magazine) — While many people have grudgingly accepted Amazon encroaching into every last corner of their digital lives, it may be a different story when it takes over the corner store—which is exactly what Amazon has in mind, as the merchandising megalith is reported to have signed more than a dozen leases in Angeles area to open its own brand of grocery stores.

As the Washington Post reports, the first of these brick-and-mortar outposts are expected to open in Woodland Hills, Studio City, and in the Orange County enclave of Irvine as early as the end of the year.

While the company already has 16 Amazon Go stores offering checkout-free prepared foods consumers can pre-order online, the new grocery stores will apparently be more traditional, featuring substantial kitchens […]

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