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Airbnb Asks for a Delay on L.A. City Restrictions Set for Nov. 1



Airbnb to LA: Please don’t start enforcing new law on Nov. 1

by Dennis Lynch

LOS ANGELES (The Real Deal) — HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky say they need a delay. Short-term rental companies are asking the city of Los Angeles to postpone a looming date to enforce its restrictive short-term rental ordinance.

Enforcement is slated to start on November 1, but Airbnb and HomeAway say they need more time to put together a computerized system to comply with the ordinance, according to the L.A. Times. The ordinance requires short-term rental platforms to regularly share information about listings with the city to assist enforcement.

The ordinance limits short-term rental hosts to renting out rooms or properties they actively occupy. It also limits them to renting those rooms or homes for no more than 120 days per year, although there are ways to exceed […]

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