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After 70 Years, Norms Chain of Iconic Googie Diners Looks to the Future



After 70 Years, the Norms Chain of Iconic Googie Diners Looks to the Future

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Magazine) — The neon at the latest Norms coffee shop is scheduled to flicker on for the first time this month at an eye-catching new location in Inglewood. The iconic restaurant chain is celebrating its 70th anniversary with new stores, new merchandise, and .70 cent breakfasts on October 23.

The home-grown diner is beloved as a 24-hour gathering spot and intergenerational common ground. “We cut across everything,” Norms president Mike Colonna says.

Norm’s menu 1960’s

“We have the blue collar workers, white collar workers with ties getting a quick lunch, ethnic diversity at every table. We get late-night Millennials, and our base of baby boomers. We’re kind of retro cool and we think the Googie architecture is a big part of the brand.”

The Googiest of their Googie buildings, the chain’s flagship store on La Cienega Boulevard, is even getting a refresh. The company has brought back original architects […]

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