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$1.3 Million Grant to Fund Increased LA DUI Prosecutions



LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has been awarded a $1.3 million grant, from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Since 2016, the District Attorney’s Office has taken a leadership role in training local law enforcement personnel and deputy district attorneys to investigate and prosecute cases involving alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses.

The DUI Training and Prosecution Section (DTAPS) was implemented to further District Attorney Lacey’s goals of preventing impaired driving and reducing alcohol and drug-related fatalities and injuries.

In Los Angeles County, the number of misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence of Drug(s) cases presented for filing consideration dramatically increased between 2017 and 2019 (285 cases in 2017, 1,018 cases in 2018, and 1,009 cases as of September 30, 2019).

The escalation in DUI Drug cases appears to be consistent with the findings of a 2017 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which determined that there was an increase in other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Education and enforcement will help to counteract this rise in impaired driving.

In September 2019, specialized prosecutors in DTAPS secured a conviction in the killing of an innocent pedestrian, standing at a parking kiosk at the Santa Monica Courthouse, by a driver who was impaired by Cannabis.

Several murder cases handled by the unit involve drivers impaired by a variety of impairing substances, including Cannabis, Nitrous Oxide, Prozac, Clonazepam, Cocaine, PCP, and Methamphetamine. DTAPS prosecutors have received special training in drug-impaired driving enforcement, better enabling them to handle these complex prosecutions.

The funding from OTS has and will continue to improve the training tools and resources used to work with police agencies and increase the number of officers who are certified Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) in Los Angeles County.

DREs are in a unique position to articulate the effects of impairment caused by the various drug categories and they can determine if someone was impaired by drugs, alcohol or a combination of the two, while driving. Their testimony in DUI Drug cases is an invaluable asset in the effort to deter drug-impaired driving.

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WeHo Women’s History: Pole Banners Recognize Leadership & Activism – Mar 2



Michelle Obama will be one of the pole banner honorees

WEST HOLLYWOOD — National Women’s History Month will officially kick-off with City Council unveiling two new women’s history month street pole banners, one honoring feminist leader Zoe Nicholson and the other commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The presentation will be held at the regular meeting of the West Hollywood
City Council on Monday, March 2.

Throughout the month, street pole banners commemorating famous American women – civil rights leaders, and women’s rights activists – will be on display along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Existing street pole banners include: Jane Addams; Susan B. Anthony;
Elizabeth Blackwell; Ivy Bottini; Rachel Carson; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Bessie
Coleman; Midge Costanza; Dolores Huerta; Mother Jones; Coretta Scott King; Mary
Lyon; Wilma Mankiller; Mary McLeod Bethune; Patsy Mink; Inez Milholland; Connie
Norman; Michelle Obama; Alice Paul; Rosa Parks; Eleanor Roosevelt; Margaret
Sanger; Sonia Sotomayor; Elizabeth Stanton; Gloria Steinem; Elizabeth Taylor;
Sojourner Truth; Harriet Tubman; U.S. Congressmember Maxine Waters; Oprah
Winfrey; and Ida B. Wells.

A reception is scheduled at 5:30 p.m.; the unveiling at 6:30 p.m. on March 2nd. 

City of West Hollywood’s Council Chambers/Public Meeting Room at the West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard.

The unveiling will be hosted by the City of West Hollywood and its Women’s Advisory Board. Admission is free; no RSVP is required.

Free parking will be available at the adjacent five-story structure with
validation at the meeting.

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Significant Funding Announced for LA River Restoration Project



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reps. Adam Schiff, Lucille Roybal-Allard, and Jimmy Gomez have applauded the first significant federal funding for the LA River Restoration Project, which will revitalize more than 700 acres of open space along a broad stretch of the Los Angeles River from Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles.

“The funding announced by the Army Corps of Engineers this week marks an important milestone in the decades-long effort to restore the Los Angeles River to its original natural beauty,” said Rep. Schiff. “I will continue working with the City of Los Angeles and the Corps to build further momentum on this project to revitalize the river’s aquatic ecosystem and provide much-needed green space for all Angelenos.”

“I am delighted that the Army Corps of Engineers’ Fiscal Year 2020 Work Plan provides critical funding to revitalize the LA River,” said Rep. Roybal-Allard. “As a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I have fought hard to ensure the Army Corps has the funding it needs to move forward with this project, and I will keep up that fight in the years to come as we keep working to restore the river in our Southeast communities.  Restoring the LA River in the Southeast will improve the health and quality of life for families near the river, and provide these neighborhoods with much-needed new green space for recreation.”

“Strong federal investments toward revitalizing the Los Angeles River represent a major victory for our constituents, our city’s diverse communities, and the wildlife whose lives depend on the river’s ecosystem,” said Rep. Gomez. “The Los Angeles River provides us with a unique opportunity to prioritize green spaces for all Angelinos while also strengthening the river’s habitat connectivity. I deeply appreciate the efforts by the Army Corps of Engineers to transform this historic waterway.”

“The L.A. River is an iconic treasure — a place that holds a special place in the history of our city and limitless potential for the future of our communities,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we will have the funding to help our river reach its full potential, restore an incredible natural habitat in the heart of Los Angeles, and connect more Angelenos to this remarkable resource in our own backyard.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released their Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2020, which includes $1.857 million for preconstruction engineering and design (PED) activities for the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project, the first federal funding since FY17 and FY16, when the project received $400,000 and $100,000, respectively, for PED activities.

In April 2019, Schiff, Roybal-Allard, Gomez, and 12 colleagues from the Los Angeles area urged the House Appropriations Committee to provide strong funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

In the appropriations legislation that passed in December, Congress increased funding for the Corps by nearly 10% for Fiscal Year 2020—a 50% increase from the President’s budget request. This funding supports the Corps’ important ongoing civil works projects across the nation, including the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project.

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West Hollywood Sheriff Crime Incident Report Feb 10 – 16



West Hollywood Sheriff's Station Sign (Michael Dorausch/Flickr)

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The following incidents were reported in the City February 10-16.

February 10th
Aggravated Assault – Hands, Fist, Feet
8600 block Beverly Blvd
02/10/2020 @ 1350. A man pushed an elderly woman to the ground without provocation. The victim suffered cuts to her face and a broken bone in her back. #00840

Other Burglary
8500 block Melrose Avenue
02/10/2020 @ 0145. Two men smashed a glass side door to gain access and removed handbags and shoes from a display area and fled the area on foot.

Vehicle Burglary
9100 block Sunset Blvd
02/10/2020 @ 2030-2300. An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger’s side window and removed a backpack containing a laptop computer and clothing from the rear floorboard.

Vehicle Burglary
Doheny Drive / Sunset Blvd
02/10/2020 @ 2130-2300. An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger’s side window and removed a backpack containing earphones and a vaping pen from the rear floorboard.

February 11th
Grand Theft
1300 block N Hayworth Avenue
02/11/2020 @ 2000-0745. An unknown suspect removed a pair of sunglasses from the glove box and a pair of shoes from the trunk of the unlocked vehicle.

Vehicle Burglary
1300 block Harper Avenue
02/11/2020 @ 2359. An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger’s side window and removed property from the back seat.

Vehicle Burglary
8400 block Melrose Avenue
02/11/2020 @ 2000-2200. An unknown suspect smashed the front and back passenger’s side windows and the trunk window and removed a Louis Vuitton handbag, perfume, clothing, shoes, leather jacket, and laptop computer from the trunk. Loss $6800.

February 12th
Aggravated Assault – Knife
8600 block Santa Monica Blvd
02/12/2020 @ 1050-1105. A man pulled a knife and threatened to hurt an employee after he was asked to leave the business for causing a disturbance. The suspect fled the area on foot.

Grand Theft
7100 block Santa Monica Blvd
02/12/2020 @ 0840-0845. An unknown suspect removed a laptop computer that was left unattended on the ground.

February 13th
Grand Theft
8600 block Sunset Blvd
02/13/2020 @ 1600. A women removed seven cosmetic packages from a display area and left the store without payment. #00924

Grand Theft
8600 block Sunset Blvd
02/13/2020 @ 1645. A woman removed six jars of facial crème from a display area and left the store without payment.

Vehicle Burglary
1200 block La Brea Avenue
02/13/2020 @ 0530-0700. An unknown suspect smashed the rear driver’s side window and removed a jacket and a purse containing $150 cash and a CDL from the rear floorboard.

Vehicle Burglary
700 block Westbourne Drive
02/13/2020 @ 1916-0710. An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger’s side window and removed 16 Apple Air Pods from the back seat.

February 14th
Aggravated Assault – Knife
8400 block Santa Monica Blvd
02/14/2020 @ 1625. A man pulled a knife and threw it at the victim during an argument about collecting recyclables. The knife hit the victim in the lower back area and caused a small scratch.

February 15th
Aggravated Assault – Gun (Suspect Arrested)
800 block Westbourne Drive
02/15/2020 @ 2100. A man pointed a handgun at his neighbor and threatened to kill him during a dispute in the hallway of their apartment complex. The suspect was arrested by responding deputies.

Other Burglary
8400 block Melrose Avenue
02/15/2020 @ 0300-0800. An unknown suspect smashed the front glass door to gain entry and broke the lock to a wine refrigerator. The suspect removed several bottles wine.

February 16th
Aggravated Assault – Knife (Suspect Arrested)
8800 block Santa Monica Blvd
02/16/2020 @ 0120. A woman was stabbed one time in the stomach without provocation by a man while standing inside the club. The victim suffered a small scratch to her abdomen and was treated on scene. The suspect was arrested by responding deputies.

Armed Robbery (Suspects Arrested)
900 block Palm Avenue
02/16/2020 @ 0145. A man and woman were walking WB on Cynthia Street near Palm Avenue when a vehicle pulled to a stop near their location. Three men exited the vehicle, approached the victims and demanded their property. The male victim was punched and knocked to the ground and hit with a handgun. The suspects took a purse from the victim and fled the area in the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped by responding deputies and four men were arrested.

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