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Meet the ‘Pink Lady of Hollywood’ Living a Monochromatic Lifestyle



Meet the "Pink Lady of Hollywood" Living a Monochromatic Lifestyle

WEST HOLLYWOOD (SpectrumNews1) — Every morning Kitten Kay Sera wakes up in her pink bed, grabs her pink pooch, and heads out her pink door to the nearest Starbucks — where she of course orders a “ pink drink .”

“Pink just makes me tickled pink,” said Kay Sera. “It makes me happy, it makes me feel good, glamorous.”

She calls herself “The Pink Lady of Hollywood,” and there is no one on the planet that is pinker than her. Even her dog, a tiny Pomeranian aptly called Pinkerbell is part of the look.

“I use beat juice in the bath to make her pink,” Kay Sera said. “So it’s all natural.”It all started in 1980, after she dressed up in pink for her birthday. Four decades later, she hasn’t worn any other […]

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