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Man Assaults Woman in Pass, Nabbed near Sunset



Los Angeles Police are on the scene on Highland and De Longpre taking a man into custody after he was reportedly beating a woman inside a vehicle in the Cahuenga Pass, near Barham Blvd.

A witness reported the incident just minutes ago and called 911 on their mobile phone while following the vehicle.  A helicopter joined in, spotting the vehicle and guiding LAPD officers on the ground to the location as the parties progressed through Hollywood toward the area just outside the borders of West Hollywood.

The suspect and victim were in a gray or sliver Grand Marquis type vehicle.  The suspect was described as a male having long black hair. (No further description available.) He was the passenger in the vehicle, and it sounds like he was beating the woman while she was driving.

Police caught up with them on Highland, between Sunset Blvd and De Longpre, and moved in to stop the vehicle.

Apparently the man became combative and sealed his fate right off the bat, with LAPD officers reporting some fighting going on as they tried to question him and take him into custody.

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