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Lyft Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Assaults Includes WeHo Plaintiff



Lyft sued over alleged sexual assaults by its drivers

SAN FRANCISCO (CNET) — Lyft is being sued by 14 passengers alleging sexual assault by drivers. Lyft is being sued over its drivers allegedly committing sexual assaults. The lawsuit alleges that 14 separate incidents across the US were reported to Lyft and the ride-hailing company concealed the assault complaints from the public, media and law enforcement.

The lawsuit, filed Sept. 4 in the Superior Court of California for San Francisco County, calls Lyft’s response to the complaints “appallingly inadequate.” It alleges the company hires drivers without completing a background check, fingerprinting them or even doing a job interview. Lyft has also allegedly allowed drivers accused of sexual assault to continue working for the company, the suit says.

The suit alleges that there were around 100 reports of sexual assaults by Lyft drivers in California in […]

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