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Lindsay Lohan Due in Beverly Hills Court on Friday



It has been awhile since we’ve talked about Lindsay Lohan, but now she is due to appear at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Friday for a probation violation hearing.  A media frenzy will surely unfold at the court, and possibly here in West Hollywood near her home.

She could very well end up back in jail as a result of failing court-ordered drug tests last month.  According to various reports, she has no intention of challenging the drug test results.  Her hope is that she will be allowed to remain in rehab rather than suffer a penalty of more jail time.

Lohan voluntarily checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Desert after being sprung from less than a day in jail.  She was ordered to be held without bail and taken into custody at her last hearing.  Her attorney appealed the order to a higher judge and she was released on bail pending the hearing tomorrow.

A media frenzy is almost certain to descend upon the area for the hearing, and to some degree leading up to it.  The impact to West Hollywood will depend on whether she returns to her home here overnight in advance of the hearing.  Media and celebrity photographers may be camped out near her home through the night.  An E! News report says that she will go directly from the desert to her hearing, however.

Some reports have said that Lohan was hopeful that she would be allowed to skip the hearing, having her attorney appear for her instead.  That has not been permitted, and Radar Online reports that a recent request by her attorney to meet with the judge in chambers was denied.

There has been other drama around Lohan in recent days related to both of her parents.  Her father held a news conference to talk to press about not talking to them anymore about his daughter.  Other reports have said that the professionals at Betty Ford have encouraged her to not use her mother as her manager.

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