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LiLo in Bulk: A Huge Dump of Lindsay Lohan News



Welcome to LiLo in bulk!  We’re going to update you on Lindsay Lohan news in one huge dump so you don’t have to deal with a trickle of LiLo crap raining down upon you.

Lindsay Lohan and Stuart Goldberg, which TMZ reported was her newest new lawyer. But now they hear he is OUT and Robert Shapiro may be on board.

Before we get into it, we’ll first mention our previous report on TMZ’s tip off about her newest new lawyer which we did report over the weekend.  The new lawyer was spotted at The Ivy on Robertson and was coming out swinging for Lindsay…

We’ve been waiting for the rest of LiLo’s crap to pile up, and now here is the steaming heap!

THE NEWEST NEW LAWYER IS OUT AND ROBERT SHAPIRO MAY BE IN! On one side, the lawyers camp says that Lindsay can’t afford him.  But TMZ is hearing that the LiLo camp is wary of him because he seems a bit eccentric.

First, TMZ has an interesting post saying that it’s possible she could be in the slammer for a full 90 days…. if the judge orders herto do some rehab WHILE in jail.  There is a program in the jails that Mothers Against Drunk Driving came up with, and if LiLo is ordered to do it, she’ll likely be there the full 90 days.

TMZ also says they have a list of pills that Lindsay has been taking, and claims they were told by their sources that Lindsay does some doctor shopping to get them.

We also hear from TMZ that the alcohol education program she was attending that was famously scolded by the judge is now under “routine” scrutiny by the L.A. Department of Public Health.  Totally a coincidence, and NOT as a result of the LiLo shenanigans, they say.  That’s a good thing, we say here at Weho Daily, because what kind of program lets addicts be COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTACT for three weeks before they get in trouble?

Finally, we did report a LiLo sighting at a Weho Coffee Bean the other day, and we later learned that the chipper mood she was in could have had something to do with finding some serenity after a visit from Lane Garrison, the Prison Break start who spent some time in jail after being convicted of a DUI that killed a 17 year old passenger in his vehicle. FINALLY she is getting some advice from someone in a good position to help her.

And oh yeah, there’s one more thing! LiLo was out for dinner with Samantha Ronson last night in Beverly Hills.

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