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Lil Nas X On How He’ll Celebrate Beating Mariah Carey’s Billboard Record



Lil Nas X On How He'll Celebrate Beating Mariah Carey's Billboard Record

NEW YORK (TMZ) — Lil Nas X has interesting plans lined up if he ends up topping Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men ‘s #1 Billboard record — apparently, bathtubs and roses will be involved.

The MC was in NYC Friday visiting the East Coast Twitter offices — and on the way out, a pap asked him about the looming feat that he’s likely to achieve at the end of this upcoming week. If “Old Town Road” stays at #1 on the charts, he’ll have gone 17 weeks straight.

At the moment, ‘OTR’ is tied with Mariah and Boyz II Men’s ’90s hit “One Sweet Day” and the Bieber-feature “Despacito,” which also tied ’em at 16 weeks in 2017. When asked how he’ll celebrate, LNX sheds some light on how he’ll shed a tear.

Watch … Lil Nas says he’s gonna be spending some time in a bath with the water works on — but, luckily, not for as long as he usually sits and sulks.

Now, there’s one other item on the docket for Nas X if he becomes the Billboard king — and it has to do with how he’ll deal with Mariah herself. The R&B queen has already said that she isn’t worried about Lil Nas beating her record, saying … “Darling, no.”

Unclear if that means she’s not stressing about it at all, or if she doesn’t think ‘Old Town’ can beat her and the Boyz’s streak. Either way, Lil Nas X says he’d have something for Mariah if it does in fact break the record.

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