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LGBTQ YouTubers File Discrimination Lawsuit Against YouTube



CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles Blade) — A group of LGBTQ YouTubers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the video-sharing website, and it’s parent company Google, for restricting LGBTQ content, therefore, preventing them from making money.

The Washington Post reported that the class-action lawsuit was filed in federal court in California on Tuesday.

YouTubers GNews!, Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers (BriaAndChrissy), Chase Ross (uppercaseCHASE1), Lindsay Amer (Queer Kid Stuff) and Amp Somers (Watts The Safeword) allege that YouTube’s algorithms are targeting LGBTQ content and making videos ineligible for ads and monetization.

They claim YouTube labels their videos as offensive or sexually explicit because they include LGBTQ content such as the words “gay,” “lesbian,” and “bisexual.” As a result, the creators say their videos are being demonetized; their thumbnail videos are changed; they aren’t allowed to purchase ads and their videos aren’t being recommended to other […]

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