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Lessons From Taking My Blue Bin to the Recycling Center



LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Times) — Columnist Steve Lopez brings two weeks of his collected recycling to the Athens Material Recover Facility in Sun Valley to see what exactly is recyclable.

You stopped at a coffee shop, got a cup of Joe to go, then went home and grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge.

Now you’re done, and the question is this:

Do the empty containers go into the trash bin or the blue recycling bin?

Hold on, because I’m going to tell you the answer if you don’t already know it. But first, here’s another question:

You buy a takeout meal that comes in a cardboard container with a plastic lid and plastic utensils. You also get a juice box to go, and your order is placed into a plastic bag.

Do all the empties, and the bag, go into the blue bin?

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