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LAPD Pursuit Dips into Weho, Carjacking Attempt at End



Los Angeles Police were after a vehicle reported stolen on Friday and the pursuit hit the eastern side of West Hollywood before ending several blocks to the east in the City of Los Angeles.

The pursuit started shortly after 5PM in Silverlake. Weho Daily first became aware of it when readers reported it moving through Los Feliz. The suspect was heading in a generally eastward direction, though darting in different directions around Hollywood Forever cemetery before coming into West Hollywood briefly.

The pursuit entered West Hollywood around the Gateway shopping center and made numerous turns in all directions between Santa Monica Blvd and Melrose. The suspect clipped a few different cars during the chase, including at Waring and Formosa.

After circling some streets in the area, the suspect turned back east. He bailed out of the still moving vehicle around Wilcox and Willoughby. There, he ran toward a vehicle stopped in traffic and opened the door before LAPD officers were able to pull him back out. The vehicle contained a mother and her child.

There were no serious injuries during the dangerous, high speed chase.

ABC7 reported that the suspect, 22-year-old Jonathan Lee of Murrieta, was arrested.

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