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LAPD Audio: Man with Bat at Gay and Lesbian Center



Yesterday, we reported about about a number of different times the LAPD responded to the Gay and Lesbian Center’s location on Mc Cadden Place about violent disturbances.

Gay and Lesbian Center's Village on Mc Cadden Place, near Santa Monica Blvd.

The location is the Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza, which has meeting and performance space, usually open at night.  There is also a walk-in computer center with Internet access at the location.

We checked with the Gay and Lesbian Center today and it is fortunately looking like there wasn’t a hate crime.  Los Angeles Police checked their logs on an inquiry from them, and they told Weho Daily that a man ran into the center for help, according to the LAPD.

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The Gay and Lesbian Center was certainly unaware of any hate crime.

The actual situation remains fuzzy, but below is the audio of the first call to LAPD, when they were concerned there was a possible hate crime.  This call came in about 4:45pm on Sunday.

LAPD Dispatch: Man with Baseball Bat at Gay and Lesbian Center

That call referenced police code 211, which is the code for a robbery.  They also said that the incident occurred “an hour ago” but it is unclear why the call was coming in just then, or if the man with the bat was there now.  Perhaps the robbery occurred an hour earlier, and the suspects returned and chased the man into the center at that time.

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Another call came in later, just after 10pm, saying that the suspects had returned to the location, and what was confusing was it seemed like they said the caller to LAPD was the man with the baseball bat, saying OTHER people were the suspects who had returned.

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to locate the recordings of the second call.  We possibly deleted them after reporting their contents.

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