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LA Dogworks Reopening Celebration and Rescue Benefit



LA Dogworks is revered for being one of the top canine training, boarding and grooming centers in Los Angeles, as well as a favorite of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. After a tragic fire at the facility last winter, the famed canine facility has opened its doors once again and in keeping with tradition, is looking to help canines in need.

On Thursday, February 3rd, LA Dogworks will be throwing a fun filled re-opening party in partnership with A Dog’s Life Rescue. A night of comedy will be the main focus of the celebration benefiting dogs in need, with performers who have appeared on MadTV and Conan O’Brien.  The event will be held from 7 to 11PM at their facility located at 1014 Highland Avenue. (View the event invitation)

Mika is a young dog that was taken in and assisted by A Dogs Life Rescue.

Andrew Rosenthal, founder of LA Dogworks states, “I was so impressed by A Dogs Life Rescue that I found it imperative to bring attention to their efforts. They venture into some of the worst neighborhoods to find abandoned, frightened and sometimes sickly dogs and offer them a new life. LA Dogworks’s grand reopening event will be a benefit to raise money and awareness to aid A Dogs Life Rescue in their mission to find a forever home for all of these wonderful animals.”

Allison Lange, co-founder of A Dog’s Life Rescue adds, “We are extremely excited to be partnering up with LA Dogworks to raise awareness and funds for the homeless, abused and neglected animals of Los Angeles. We hope lots of people will join us for this fabulous night of comedy and cocktails that will help us continue to save the lives of many more animals in need.”

The indoor park at LA Dogworks, where dogs at the facility spend most of their time during days.

Be sure to mark your calendars for February 3rd, 2011 as LA Dogworks lays out their “Orange Carpet” once again for an evening that will truly be remembered. Donations will be taken at the door, and there will be a silent auction once inside.

The entertainment for the evening will be a comedy show with comedians such as Nick Thune (who will be performing the same week live on Conan O’Brien), Matt Braunger (MADtv), and many more.

There will be adoption dogs on hand for guests to fall in love with and hopefully want to make part of their family! After all dogs are a man’s best friend, so why not fall in love with a new best friend and help a great cause in the mix!

A Dog’s Life Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization in Los Angeles, California. After the disband of Connect-A-Pet Rescue in early 2005, partners Julia Pennington and Allison Lange joined together to form A Dog’s Life Rescue. This incredible organization was created out of the love for animals, and a strong community effort they have formed through adopters, fosters, donors and incredible volunteers.

LA Dogworks provides both private accomodations along with this shared, cage-free room for smaller dogs that perfer company.

LA Dogworks’ mission is to provide an exciting, social experience for dogs and their humans. As an American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA) member, they are committed to their standard of excellence, and go one step further in creating a dog haven that is parallel to a dog’s natural and instinctual nature.

Rosenthal has created a five-star resort specifically as a retreat for dogs; a place that exemplifies trust, love, affection, health and education. The goal is to further strengthen the bond between humans and dogs by providing excellent services and customer care. LA Dogworks also offers education programs for humans in the proper and training of their dog(s).

According to Rosenthal, “it is not only about dog care, LA Dogworks is about strengthening the relationship the relationship between dogs and their humans to promote education on health, safety and training.” Last, but most importantly LA Dogworks believe in earning trust, having fun and providing peace of mind.

For more information on LA Dogworks, check out their site on the web.

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