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Inside the L.A. Studio Where Music’s Biggest Names Record



Inside the L.A. Studio Where Music’s Biggest Names Record

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Architectural Digest) — “Finding a house, much less a studio, in L.A. is like a full-time job,” says Ryan Tedder, known not only for being the face of hit-making pop band OneRepublic but also for writing songs (think Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Adele’s “Rumor Has It”) and producing for countless music icons. “It takes forever and it’s damn near impossible.” Tedder had three simple yet apparently difficult requirements when he started the hunt to move his work from Denver to West Hollywood.

One: space. Lots of it. “In a recording studio, air is your friend” for sound absorption, he explains. “If someone’s doing a crazy hip-hop record in one room and in the next is some Beyoncé ballad, you can’t have bleed-over.”’

Two: sunshine. “I wanted it to feel like the opposite of every recording studio anybody’s ever been to,” says Tedder. “The irony is I actually hate recording studios. They’re impersonal and clinical, with zero natural sunlight. You don’t know what time of day it is; they’re depressing, and I think that leads to all kinds of other nastiness.”

Three: proximity. As in a five-minute drive to his family’s 1959 midcentury home in Beverly Hills, and within a mile of “ground zero for pop culture,” a.k.a. Melrose […]

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