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Coming 2023: Here’s What LAX’s Automated People Mover Will Look Like



Images: Opening in 2023, Here's What LAX's Automated People Mover Will Look Like

by Jonathan Lloyd for NBC

LOS ANGELES (NBC) — There’s a lot of construction going on right now at and around Los Angeles International Airport. Here’s a major reason why.

The Automated People Mover is expected to be fully operational in 2023. It’s an electric train system designed to carry travelers to and from the airport as part of a plan to relieve vehicle traffic.

The elevated guideway will span 2.25 miles with stops at three stations inside the terminal area and three outside. Construction began in March 2019 with work on the guideway beginning in the fall followed by station construction.

When its finished, the APM will run nine trains, each with four cars that can carry up to 50 passengers apiece and their luggage. Topping out at at speed of 47 mph, the trains will stop at each […]

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