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Drunk Girl with ‘Awful Pink Weave’ Backs Hummer into Kia



Suspect who backed car into another on Santa Monica Blvd. (Photo: Daniel Jones for Weho Daily)

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded tonight to the scene of a traffic collision where an (allegedly) drunk driver (allegedly) tried to flee the scene.

The accident happened at about 6:30PM on Santa Monica Blvd near San Vicente, in front of Fiesta Cantina.   The report said that a large Hummer ran into a much smaller Kia.

Witnesses on the scene said that the driver of the Hummer appeared drunk and attempted to leave.  It seems that someone snatched her keys, however.   Sheriff’s deputies arrived moments later, with the incident occurring across the street from the Sheriff’s station.

The location of the accident, in front of the gay bars, resulted in quite a crowd spectating at the scene.  According to Weho Daily reader Daniel Jones, “even Bobby Trendy came by to see the mess!”

“An unknown blonde girl with an awful pink weave walked out of Fiesta Cantina and hopped into her H2 Hummer,” said Jones of the suspect.

He explained that she promptly backed into the Kia, which was owned by another patron at Fiesta who quickly confronted her.

“She was about to speed off when [the owner of the Kia] hopped in her passenger seat to steal her keys,” continued Jones. “She resisted, so he took her phone and ran while she chased him back into the bar.”

In the chaos, the bouncer at Fiesta was able to grab the keys from the suspect, right at the time when numerous Sheriff’s deputies were pulling in from all directions.

He said that while deputies interviewed witnesses, “she sat on the ground and made insane happy faces, sad faces, and definitely messy faces. Eventually they tried to give her a breathalyzer, but she just tried to lie on the ground or maybe she was trying to take it but failed.”

Jones reported that the suspect was taken into custody by Sheriff’s deputies and her Hummer was towed.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tenderoni

    August 23, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    someone jumps into my car and steals my keys?..and the cops do nothing? you know ill be suing the police

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