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How a Drag Queen Confronted Anti-LGBTQ Ex-Rep. Aaron Schock



We talked to the drag queen that confronted former Rep. Aaron Schock for his anti-LGBT votes. This is what she wants you to know.

WEST HOLLYWOOD (Business Insider) — For nearly a year, reports, gossip, and videos have swirled around former Republican Rep. Aaron Schock’s post-Washington life in West Hollywood, California.

Schock, whose history as a Republican lawmaker is checkered with anti-LGBT support for things such as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, has recently been appearing in LGBT spaces and situations. A video seemingly showing Schock kissing a man at Coachella went viral in April, and in June a video showing Schock tipping a male go-go dancer also made the rounds.

The material angered many who felt that Schock hadn’t sufficiently addressed his public anti-LGBT history in a way that could allow him access to the increasingly open and secure LGBT world. Josh Seefried, a noted LGBT activist and veteran wrote on Twitter at the time, “A person who worked against our community cannot and should not be accepted until acknowledgement [sic] of that wrong doing has occurred.”

Now, a drag queen says she attempted to hold Schock to account when he visited the gay bar she was working at last week.

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