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Hollywood Insiders Battle Over Charter Schools



Hollywood Insiders Battle Over Charter Schools

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) — It’s industry creatives vs. Reed Hastings as California bills restricting new options are up for vote: “The people backing charters [are] really problematic.”

When LAUSD board member and charter school advocate Ref Rodriguez pleaded guilty in July 2018 to a felony count of conspiracy, it seemed that Los Angeles’ charter school movement had hit a critical low. Rodriguez’s unraveling over campaign finance violations tipped the balance of power on the seven-member board that oversees the nation’s second-largest school district, weakening its charter school block.

Tensions between proponents of public schools and of charter schools — which are started by parents, teachers or community groups and receive government funding but operate independently of state school systems — were already high.

The January teachers’ strike won concessions for LAUSD public schools ranging from smaller class sizes to hiring full-time nurses but was marked by heated anti-charter rhetoric. Critics of charters say […]

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