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Group Goes on Robbery Spree In and Around Weho



A group of youths were reported to have gone on a robbery spree in and around the West Hollywood area overnight, and are said to have committed at least 5 robberies and attempted to commit another. Two robberies and an attempted robbery were reported in West Hollywood, and LAPD’s Wilshire area reported three additional robberies by suspects with the same description.

Sheriff’s deputies located and detained potential suspects after one of the robberies, however it appears they were not positively identified by the victims and were not arrested.

The first robbery in West Hollywood occurred at Havenhurst and Fountain at about 10:30pm.  Another was reported at Santa Monica Blvd and Genesee about an hour later.  An attempted robbery was also reported around Santa Monica Blvd and Curson around the same time as the second robbery, however the victim was able to escape into an apartment building. We don’t have specific information about the robberies that occurred in LAPD’s Wilshire division.

The suspects were described as three black males, about 14 to 16 years of age and wearing black or dark colored hoodies. They were possibly driving a small white Toyota sedan that was perhaps a bit beat up.  The suspects simulated a handgun in the robberies but no weapon was actually observed.

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies searching the area in the minutes after the second robbery located a potential suspect vehicle around Santa Monica Blvd and Formosa and followed it to Santa Monica Blvd and Highland where the car was stopped and the occupants detained at gunpoint with an LAPD helicopter overhead.

Victims were brought to the scene to try to identify the individuals as involved in the robberies, however it appears that there was not a positive ID. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s station reported this morning that no suspects were in custody for the robberies.

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